Brokenness to Blessings is the title of my testimony. My testimony was featured on the CBN 700 club because it was such a radical transformation on October 19, 2018 (the same program featuring te Pastor released from a Turkish prison (I’ve walked Isaiah 61 and one day will finish my book).

I had all the pieces to the puzzle (I wrote a book and two and a half boxes sit in my garage and I was heartbroken the message Thirst No More – The Missing Drink to Your Thirsty Soul). I can’t wait to repurpose this. After completing my Masters in Organizational Leadership with a Concentration in Coaching and Mentoring (ever heard, “your stupid and will never amount to anything or your just a wannabe Evangelist”).

I didn’t wait long enough time let the seeds germinate and grow and like last patterns, instead I grew frustrated and let go. I found the enemy attacking me in oppressive mindset in the Spirit of Poverty. Here I am! Never giving up. It reminded me of the rigorous runs we did, you could fall back but never give up.

I believe now the enemy continues to come after me to stop me but this time he is a liar.

I will march in towards the destiny the Lord intended. I believe in being an Ambassador used by God to make a global impact. In worship, I pray for the Lord to bless me with the nations – Go YE).

I’ve had a long journey to battle against the enemy attempting all sorts of ways to keep me from my “Chosen Calling” a “Scribe and Storyteller.” 🤩 I’m God’s mouthpiece and encourager and the Lord will complete His perfect work.

Many are called but few are Chosen (A biblical verse and the Motto of the Marine Corps.

As a former United States Marine (96-03) and a Marine Security Guard to protect and defend the Ambassador and U.S. embassy interests overseas at a time during my second enlistment.

We were taught to practice forward advancement war tactics, prepare for intruders to defend our Commander in a forward deployed communications command center. The locations was in the back side of the dry deserts and cold summer nights near Yuma, AZ. We dug trenches and holes to prepare for three day war strategies in case the enemy attacks.

✅ At one point, I was chosen to go to the Listening LP and Observation OP posts and use night vision goggles and radio transmission. My position was used all night to track and find the enemy attempting to infiltrate our perimeter (constantine wire).

We set up to protect our Commander post, I had to move my position throughout the night because I heard the enemy behind me but he never found my positions. They threw gas tear gas at my fellow Marines during the night operation. Every time the enemy attempted to infiltrate our defensive lines, I was able to identify them and call for fire with (using blank ammunition of course).

No one for two nights, as I was on the LP and OP got through our defenses. It was a very proud time in my life as a Marine. I helped to protect our purposes for practicing forward deployment war strategies and my fellow Marines.

✅ I’ve endured through life and never knew the enemy of my soul was hiding and lying through generational curses. With a spiritual encounter seven years ago (after being a professed Christian for twelve years), I found my redeeming Savior and identity and learned spiritual warfare at its highest. The Lord taught me how to do war on my knees. He’s made me more than an overcomer spending hours to fall in love with God in His word. My family has been transformed. We still have our falls but we grow glory to glory and faith the faith.

✅ I help empower women over forty brokenhearted hiding their battle wounds, inspired them to identify the real enemy, defeat the battle weary mindset, and restore the warrior within in the battlefield of life. I’m like a Commander in the Marine Corps, equipping and leading her troops ❤️ to war victoriously!

Note: Oh wait, I was in the Marine Corps! 😉🤩 I will no longer be a lone ranger and come together in partnership for purpose and reach the multitudes to do great exploits!!!!!

Grateful for guidance, spiritual prayers, wisdom and knowledge for understanding! I don’t want to die with my dreams with I me I’ve felt since and eight year old child. I used to pretend I was a news anchor with a microphone 🎤 in my hand. I’d say my name and where I was reporting from.

What dreams do you have that you don’t want to die? I’d love to pray for your dreams to be rebirthed!

I want to hear, “Well done my good and faithful servant.” 🥺😊🤩🚪🚀🔥🔥🔥🔥

Bless you all!

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