ARE YOU AFRAID OF DOGS? Would you be afraid of this kind of dog barking at you? If they looked like this a pack of ferocious looking, intimidating dogs being used by their handler to distract you and get you to back up! I see many at the gate of destiny the Lord has opened the door and here is their handler as a pack of them allowing them to bark at you.

Here’s another ferocious dog!

Deception of demons with condemning and intimidating barks. Barks but no bites!

Naturally, there would be a fear to stand and cower, cling to the side of the wall as your attempting to pass through, and be drawn back. However, this time is different. Now you know why too many times on the verge of breakthrough opposition comes. This time you realize and say to yourself, “not this time.”

Take this as a sign! You’re on the right track. You’re at the right gate. You’re feet are headed in the right direction.

Picture this you’ve come to your gate of destiny many times but something keeps coming at you.

✅ Lies of the enemy come at you and fear enters into your heart.

✅ The enemy says look at you? Who do you think you are?

✅ Immediately you have to respond to that condemning voice!

😍 Yes, look at me I’m a son or daughter of a King!

It’s time B2B to step in towards your destiny,

Kris Vallotton states, “What’s your biggest fear in life? Have you ever thought that the thing that scares you the most is maybe one of the things you (deep down in your heart) want to do the most? The dogs of doom stand at the doors of our destiny and they bark loud, my friends. The enemy wants to scare you out of the thing that you were made for, and he makes himself louder (and appears to be bigger) the closer you get to walking through the door to your life purpose.”

What opposition have you been faced with? Today, I ask you to consider the area the enemy of our soul targets the most?

✅ Family

✅ Relationships

✅ Career

✅ Faith

✅ Health

✅ Mental Health

✅ Future Dreams or Vision

✅ Finances

You can add more if you like! Let today be the breakthrough you need to stand firmly on the promises of God. Let the enemy know I see you. Your dogs won’t intimidate me any longer and I will rebuke you and walk right past the gate that opens the tunnel or wilderness to walk through the other side.

The other side breakthrough awaits you!

Take the Lords word and tell those vicious looking pack of intimidating barks or voices with no bite and say,

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