I am so overwhelmed by the simple gospel message. All God desires is our heart where our soul lies. We can have all our prized physical possessions and it doesn’t matter. All God wants is our heart. God sent Jesus Christ in the likeness of Him to get us to look to Him and give Him our heart.

Watch the amazing trailer here.

This series is breaking records as the first crowd funded feature. It is reaching and touching the world. It seems as if, the message of the gospel is spreading with the use of the tools God is giving creative minds, such as the internet, T.V. Series, Phone Apps, streaming platforms, etc.

I desire to discuss this because I believe it to be so important right now. People need to know the times we are in. Jesus said it will get very dark before His return to rapture up His people. However, His people who are the salt and light of the earth will shine. The Chosen series has been created on purpose and for a purpose. God desires the whole world to know of His love. We are walking the Scriptures in written in Matthew twenty-four, the Kingdom of God is at hand. If you are a believer you are rejoicing because you know “the Rapture” will take place and you will not suffer through the coming judgments and wrath of God. If you are a non-believer you are fearful and afraid of what man could do to you.

matthew 24
There is a great witness!
The Parousia - The Tribulation
Get your heart right with the Lord.
Matthew 24:36, 40-44 | Inspirational prayers, Matthew 24, Bible knowledge
Be Ready!

If you have not watched the Chosen series. I encourage you to begin watching it now to catch up. The series is bringing the biblical stories alive. From the Old Testament accounts foreshadowing the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ and the New Testament confirming all the Old Testament has prophesied. The Old Testament concealed and the New Testament revealed. If you pick up your Holy Bible, close your eyes and see one name. The name that is above every name, “Jesus.” the entire Bible is revealing the redemptive plan of God through His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ to save the world from their sins. The kingdom of darkness condemns not our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Director, Dallas Jenkins provides commentaries, explanations, testimonies of viewers, and interviews with the actors. I watch each episode three times. I watch it visually twice and then audibly once. I believe this series is so anointed there is takeaways you can apply to your daily life.

I cry! I cry when I think of the ultimate plan God created to redeem man unto Himself. I was to be included into this plan. I love the recent season two, episode six, Mary (formerly a harlot named Lillith) falls away back to her old ways. She falls back into sin and it feeling the pain of guilt, shame, and condemnation. Jesus has not gone to the Cross. He is in His early stages of ministry calling all the disciples to follow Him. Peter and Matthew are sent into town to find her. They search for her and finally find her and bring her back to Jesus. She comes back willingly to face Him. In a loving moment inside His tent. She confesses her sin. What does the Lord Jesus tell her? He tells her, “all we want is your heart.” He is referencing God and Himself together. All God wants is our heart. This morning, I was pulling up Youtube to listen to soaking music for my prayer time. The trailer for “The Chosen” series comes. I watch it and begin to cry! I just watched season two, episode six for a second time last night. I rejoice in tears and I cry out. I have given you my heart. My heart is yours. This is all you want Father. All the Heavenly Father wants is our whole heart.

Nothing we can do in this world can take away this truth. Can you read it? Can you see it? Can you experience this simple truth? All the Lord desires to have is your heart. He wants to world to know His unfailing love and give every man and woman to surrender their heart. He lovingly forgives you for any sinful wrongdoing.

If you are ready to receive Jesus into your heart all you have to do is pray. Consider the simple act to pray you want to give yourself away to the one who give you the opportunity to come and draw close to Him in a relationship. However, you must know this redemptive surrender can only come through one way and that is through the Son, Jesus Christ. We are lost and then found.

Today, is a day of salvation. I declare with the Director of this series, “Come and see.”


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