I searched for the image of a woman champion and all I saw was women being sexually womanized.

I was really offended. The world 🌎 puts women in a box and so has the enemy of our soul. The enemy desires to keep us suppressed in a place of the past. He desires us to keep us hanging on to negative labels of our past. T

Today, I want to encourage you to let go and let God to reach your heart for a deep wound healing from your past. God is a healing God and He sees you and thinks of you often.

Helping women champion their now for their future.

β€œI help women trample out of the trenches of their past, to expose and conquer lies of the lies they believe about their identity and become a victorious warrior in the battlefield of life.”

βœ… If you struggle and what to identify the labels you still carry from your past.

βœ… If you desire to receive a breakthrough from your past and stop the unstuck feelings you experience on a daily basis.

βœ… If you desire to move forward into a place of confidence and see yourself differently.

βœ… If you’re sick and tired of walking around the same mountain πŸ” in your life and you know your called to be in a different place and not in the quicksand you feel like your in now.

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❀️ It’s your time!!!

Go to https://www.janetlynngarcia.com to get started!

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