It’s time to grow more spiritually to fulfill all the Lord has for you.

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✅ Do you desire to receive more blessings and favor or even go deeper in your understanding of your spiritual covenant?

✅ Need new direction because you don’t want to be labeled from your past and discover your real identity?

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1 Corinthians 3
The Passion Translation

A Call to Spiritual Maturity

3 Brothers and sisters, when I was with you I found it impossible to speak to you as those who are spiritually mature people, for you are still dominated by the mind-set of the flesh. And because you are immature infants in Christ, 2 I had to nurse you and feed you with “milk,”[a] not with the solid food of more advanced teachings, because you weren’t ready for it. In fact, you are still not ready to be fed solid food, 3 for you are living your lives dominated by the mind-set of the flesh. Ask yourselves: Is there jealousy among you? Do you compare yourselves with others? Do you quarrel like children and end up taking sides? If so, this proves that you are living your lives centered on yourselves, dominated by the mind-set of the flesh, and behaving like unbelievers. 4 For when you divide yourselves up in groups—a “Paul group” and an “Apollos group”[b]—you’re acting like people without the Spirit’s influence.

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