But I set you apart. What did that mean? It was right after my spiritual awakening. The Lord led me to the still quiet waters of a local lake in our area. It is 1.5 mile around. It was there that I began my journey to seek a personal relationship and daily dialogue with the Lord. I began to hear His voice and it changed my life from that moment forward.

He began to give me instructions such as, “don’t put anything in your ear.” It was a place of no distractions and I could really be attentive of what He was telling me. I really began to hear His voice distinctively. Then I heard Him say, “You always wanted to be in a crowd but I set you apart.” I didn’t know what that would mean at that very moment but then I would learn the Lord was about to do something very special. It’s true growing up with no clear sense of direction. The acceptance into a crowd would captivate me in the wrong way. I would steer to places I should have never been but then they wouldn’t end up being part of my story.


Today as I write to you its been seven years, and I realize the Lord desires to meet with us so that we can really meet Him. Then to get to walk with Him and talk with Him. Jeremiah the young prophet states, “Call to Me and I will answer you, and tell you [and even show you] great and mighty things, [things which have been confined and hidden], which you do not know and understand and cannot distinguish” Jeremiah 33:3 AMP.

There are many things I have discovered since then and I am grateful He called me quiet into His presence. To seek Him is to know Him and He desires that we all come closer and closer to hear His still small voice leading the way in our lives. So whether He leads you through out of destitute and dry places know He clearly wants you to seek Him in secret places to tell you secret things. He desires to lead you by still quiet waters so you can experience Him in ways you never imagined.

Come close and hear the Spirit of the Lord speak you to like the prophets of old.

Reach out to me for personal prayer for any trial, tribulation or circumstance. The Lord want to meet you and lead you.

Photo by Specna Arms on Pexels.com

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