FROM THE HEART…I am praying the blood 🩸 of Jesus Christ over the United States of America. As a writer a and once served as a military representative for eight years of my life, I love our country. I always sought to be a part of protecting my family and friends in our great nation. I’ve had a concern for several years and months praying revelation of eyes and ears open to hear and see the truth. God’s Spirit to be poured out in the last days. We’ve prayed together in our church during group prayer sessions through the year and now we know why these prayers were so desperately needed early. Feeling the unction from the Holy Spirit to always pray for leaders of our nation. I saw blood red in a vision surrounding our borders. The red dragon was defeated at the Cross at Calvary and yet he is scheming in spiritual realms to deceive many. However, repentant cries of the people of God have now turn the head of God to help us in our time of need and heal out land and arise the people of God to push back and decree 📜 the Word of God to slay giants. The enemy continues to come against what God has established to kill, steal and destroy our nation and its people. God will not allow the nation He established to be destroyed. Remember every attack on our nation even from within has always prevailed for good. The Sovereign God Created the heavens and and earth and established the United States of America through mere men. I could go on and on but I’ve had serious dreams and visions of the of transition of our government. I am praying for our military more then ever before (this is not a drill). The truth is coming out and it is for all to see. Nakedness of exposure the truth many will see. The deception of the red dragon and a symbolic dragon represented in the world coming over waters to our northern borders to upsurp and over take our nation must not happen. I rebuke the term Chi-Merica. Have you heard it? I rebuke and rejoice this will not a d cannot happen in greater measure in our nation in Jesus name Amen 🙏

This is an interesting read from someone who survived socialism/ communism from Poland I see some similarities even now.

If you can see a simple example, here if the infiltration to kill our economy and small business shut down and all the big box stores stay open ( which they did even during the heightened quarantine of families home then we can easily be controlled. Despite Covid-19 they will continue to keep commercials programming us as this is the new normal video letting and distant fellowships with family and friends and yellow and circle markings on the floor in the stores to keep us in their new bread lines. Can you see it?

Stand with me in prayer America – One Nation under the God. I personally swore and took an oath as a United States Marine which I gave an oath to protect from enemies foreign and domestic. I pray your eyes will be opened to see a foreign attack many have been used to be influential in this move behind the scenes or even through plausible deniability. We have been deceived but now not for much longer. The enemy has moved in like a snake hidden and camouflaged waiting to strike and infiltrated us from within, but this attempt to take us will not be without a fight.

This must stopped with prayers of “My people” spiritual and agreement prayers and by Patriots that love our country, immigrants who came for a better way, international people who became America loving citizens and studied and took oaths to be come American citizens legally and respectfully will rise up in unity. Tragedy have hit our shores and cities in times past and we came together in heart but this attack has hit us the hardest in our modern society. Let this be an awakening like we’ve never seen before. Let this be a time of agreement and unity as many will come to the side of truth and begin to reject the lies and false narratives and fight for what was meant to be as God intended. Let this be where more people come to the light of His glory coming for all to see. Let this be the continuous freedom ring!

Yet we all must rise to this occasions can “We the people” please stand up! Please stand up. #nonono#rebukethereddragon#rebukethedragon#prayforleaders#prayforAmerica#prayfortruthrevealed#prayforourmiliary#noonepromisedusarosegarden#ourfightforfreedom#itsnotgoingtobepretty#thebloodisthickerthanwater#thebloodofJesus#prayersofdecrees#Godisable#HesabletoperformHisword

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