A “49er!”

Today, I celebrate forty-nine years of life! After a lot reflection this last year. The lessons I’ve learned, I pray will benefit others to grow as well. I say this humbly, “Don’t mind my dust, I’ll be busy “gold mining” for lost souls reaching the broken-hearted and restoring the warrior within.”

Last year, I called it, “looking myself in the mirror a lot of self-introspection.”

Whewww wheeee it was worth it.

Glory to glory and faith to faith is very never staying in the same place or getting stuck. I knew something wasn’t right, I sought it out to look so I can see what God wanted me to see. It’s worth it. I was willing He is able. Never going there again.

What I learned…about God, about myself, and people.

✅ God is for His children and never against His children.

✅ God is the God in the valleys and the mountains.

✅ God is in the details.

✅ God will walk you and hold your hand and point out to you the things that need to get done. For example, He helped me walk through the passing for my mother last year and it was the most precious time of my life with Him. He strengthened me on wings like Eagles. I saw Him working! My faith grew exponentially.

✅ We fall and make mistakes and we as people truly need to learn mercy and grace. Even if we lose our witness for Christ we can still give each other grace and forgiveness.

✅ You can go to the moon and back for people and the enemy of our soul always attempts to sabotage the relationship. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter what you do for people you can still fail people due to their expectations. Sometimes we can’t satisfy people the way they desire. We’re not called to people please we are called to “fear God.”I found myself in the fear of Man instead of the fear of God. I’ve adjusted this and it gets better daily.

✅ On the daily basis, we’re called to renew our minds and be responsible for ourself, our behaviors and our attitudes. We are responsible for ourselves and you can pursue a healthy relationship with yourself so you can do better for others.

✅ Co-Dependency is not healthy at all. We have a tendency to hold on to people out of fear and we are not responsible for others happiness. We are to be love ❤️ but we have to be responsible for our mental and emotional health. Don’t take for granted your loved ones. God gave you your family. Treat them as precious treasures. Don’t allow your love towards them to fail.

✅ Own up to your mistakes, behaviors, and past decisions! Ask God for forgiveness and move on. Don’t wallow in condemnation. Say your sorry! Be quick to be a peacemaker! It’s the best way. Stop blaming others for what people do to you. If it’s something a month, twenty, or thirty years ago. Don’t rehearse the event or trauma in detail to people. It is what can leave you in bondage. God wants you blessed not walking avenues of the past.

✅ Respond rather than react. Listen intently, hear words, be of few words. Idle words will be judged and don’t talk about people, don’t complain, or murmur. You can get in serious trouble on a level you don’t understand. You’re hindering your forward movement.

✅ Learn to take your thoughts and cares to God. Peace is valuable! If you lose your peace it’s costly. If you learn to have a “ducks back” then you don’t have to take offense over little and big things. When you see God moving on your behalf. That’s when you have your big boy or big girl pants on.

✅ Pray for those you really love but are hard to love! Embrace differences. If a person has a different mindset than you it’s okay. You can still love them. Choose your favorite photo of them with smiles and put it somewhere where you can think of them often. Think kind thoughts about them! Remember the good throw away, take every thought captive the bad memories. If you remember something negative put it under the obedience of Jesus! Renounce the thoughts and words. Ask God to remove this from your heavenly book!

✅ Embrace a daily attitude of gratitude!

✅ Discovering your likes and dislikes. declare you love this or hate that. It’s fun to really discover your true self and be okay with it.

Remember the actress, Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music singing, “These are a few of my favorite things!” I started really declaring what I like and what I don’t like. It’s fun doing that. God made me unique and special and I embrace, His creation.”

✅ Lastly, you have every victory in Jesus! His power and His words! It’s life changing!

After all this intro self-reflection this 49th year will be more and more of Him! This year, I’ll be walking out the last year of my forties to the greatest years of my life! He has so much in store! Walking with Him!

It’s getting so, so good!

This morning the Lord whispered, “your latter years will be better than your former years.” How I know more than ever I desire for people to experience the same “love beyond measure” He’s bestowed on me!

I’m super excited on the next year God is giving me and it’s going to be so so good because I have Good, Good Abba Daddy – My Father in Heaven.” May His children be rocked by what He’s deposited in me because it’s all Him!

My theme song will be, HE KNOWS MY NAME – JANET LYNN GARCIA

Tasha Cobbs Leonard – You Know My Name ft Jim Cravity

A new book is on the horizon and I can’t wait to get it into readers hands. Love ❤️ Beyond Measure – The Love Tank Revisited. I’m growing an interest list. Would you like to give a love offering towards the cost of publishing give at Cashapp. Thank you for your consideration. It’s in second stage editing. The Lord is doing a new thing.

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