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Break Down Their Sacred Pillars

America has been in a battle of epic proportions. It has been a battle of good versus evil and the very destiny of our nation is about to birth forth into a new area. Many strong believing voices have said there is a great awakening prepared to happen all over the world. This is before that great an awesome day when Jesus returns to … Read More Break Down Their Sacred Pillars

Victorious Speaking

Did you know you can be victorious by the things you speak out of your mouth? Death – Negative thought and words come out of the heart. It starts there. Or Life – Positive thoughts and words come from the heart and you’re heart can be full and speak good things. Growing up it was a more negative environment than positive but with a … Read More Victorious Speaking

The Blood of the Lamb and The Word of Our Testimony

FROM THE HEART…I am praying the blood of Jesus Christ over the United States of America. As a writer a and once served as a military representative for eight years of my life, I love our country. I always sought to be a part of protecting my family and friends in our great nation. I’ve had a concern for several years and months praying … Read More The Blood of the Lamb and The Word of Our Testimony

You Always Wanted to Be in a Crowd

But I set you apart. What did that mean? It was right after my spiritual awakening. The Lord led me to the still quiet waters of a local lake in our area. It is 1.5 mile around. It was there that I began my journey to seek a personal relationship and daily dialogue with the Lord. I began to hear His voice and it … Read More You Always Wanted to Be in a Crowd

Greetings, a little about what I’m passionate about…

Janet Lynn Garcia is a Former United States Marine Corps Veteran, Motivational Speaker and earned her Masters Degree at Regent University in Organizational Leadership with a concentration in coaching and mentoring. She’s the Author of Thirst No More – The Missing Drink to Your Thirsty Soul, and a new writer Writing Coach.  Janet’s passion and heart for the Lord inspires men and women to overcome … Read More Greetings, a little about what I’m passionate about…

More Motivation from His Word.

It is written! Need encouragement this morning? Jesus answered (to Satan himself), “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God. How many times does it say it is written in the Bible 442 times in the KJV and 684 times in the ESV. Interesting to note there are many times the Bible says, “It is … Read More More Motivation from His Word.

Merry Christmas with Love…